Chef Max Suhner

To read Chef Max Suhner’s resume is to instantly gain a glimpse into how this great chef has become a true craftsman of culinary art. As Executive Chef in restaurants such as Grand Tier Restaurant at the New York City Metropolitan Opera House, the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations, the San Francisco Performing Arts Center, and Hotel Rossli in Switzerland, Chef Suhner’s career has taken him around the world and across the country.

Chef Suhner creates exciting dishes that blend tradition and simplicity with the subtley of the contemporary. His philosophy is that there is only one way to cook-to always strive for perfection. Chef Suhner’s passion for superior quality ingredients and produce, his meticulous preparation, and his ability to capture the taste of the food make for a truly exceptional dining experience. His cuisine is a reflection of himself-a reflection of his creative originality.

Chef Suhner has been featured in articles in New York Magazine, Food and Dining, and The Times Union.


2/99-8/2006 Freehold Country Inn
Co-owner and Chef Freehold, New York

9/98-12/98 San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
Executive Chef San Francisco, California

5/97-8/98 New York Mercantile Exchange
Executive Chef New York City, New York

7/92-5/97 United Nations Catering/Restaurant Associates
Executive Chef New York City, New York

7/88-7/92 Grand Tier Restaurant, Metropolitan Opera House
Executive Chef New York City, New York

10/85-6/88 Restaurant Marketing Associates, Inc.
Executive Chef New York City, New York

10/84-9/85 Hotel Rossli
Chef Zollikon, Switzerland